Barriers for timely detection of wet AMD and what we can do to overcome them

  • Mohammad Rafieetary, OD, FAAO

Early detection of wet AMD is critical for maintaining a patient’s functional vision (≥20/40). While patients with poor visual acuity at diagnosis regain more letters with anti-VEGF treatment, the majority will not return to good functional vision1. Detect wet AMD earlier, help your patients maintain their functional vision, and strengthen your referral relationships with qualified wet AMD patients. Learn more about effective solutions to detect wet AMD earlier in this webinar by Mohammad Rafieetary, OD.

Mohammad Rafieetary, OD, FAAO, FORS, DIPL ABO & ABCMO, is a consultative optometric physician who has been in practice at the Charles Retina Institute (CRI) since 1996. Dr. Rafieetary is published in numerous professional publications and lectures extensively on the subject of diseases of the eye with emphasis on conditions of the retina and vitreous.

1. Ho AC, Albini TA, Brown DM, Boyer DS, Regillo CD, Heier JS. The potential importance of detection of neovascular age-related macular degeneration when visual acuity is relatively good. JAMA Ophthalmol. 2017;135(3):268-73.

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